7 Upcoming ICO and Tokens That Looks Promising

There are 7 upcoming ICO and tokens that looks promising based on their uses to the real world.

  1. Quantstamp – Protocol to enable the automation of security audits on smart contracts
  2. Bloom – Decentralized credit rating system, which includes identity, risk assessment and credit scoring.
  3. Keep – A privacy layer for ethereum that uses secure multiparty computation to store data in multiple places in such a way that smart contracts can still use it.
  4. NuCypher – USer on a service would continue to be granted access to a pool of data so long as certain conditions were met, and the smart contract could rescind access if a user failed to meet certain conditions.
  5. Stream – Incentive structure for user-generated video, decentralizing the process from start to end through the use of Blockchain.
  6. Origin – Decentralize the sharing economy with Ethereum by creating a peer-to-peer network for transacting directly for just about anything.
  7. Orchid – Will allow web users to route around spying and censorship with a more robust network of nodes than The Tor Project network